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Welcome to the Dynamic Consent Open Framework!

In this site you will learn what dynamic consent is, why it is needed, its benefits, and how it may be adopted.

Offering Dynamic Consent alonside online services allows the data subject to control their personal data and monitor its usage. Overall the Data Subject experiences a greater trust in the online services for which they are subscribing.

The Dynamic Consent Open Framework is based on the work of a group of experts looking at the social, legal, technical and compliance aspects of dynamic consent in various case studies as a part of the EnCoRe project. 

This Open Framework is intended :

  1. To educate the community with regard to the benefits of Dynamic Consent
  2. To be a central point of discussion for Dynamic Consent enhanced services and business processes
  3. To provide information and links to tools and methods to support the implemention of Dynamic Consent
  4. To initiate and manage the formation of Open Interoperability Standards for the managment of Dynamic Consent and the exchange of data under that consent

This will be facilitated by :

  1. Regular updates of information regarding new developments in Data Protection and Dynamic Consent
  2. Providing a space to discuss Dynamic Consent
  3. Active discussion and development of Open Dynamic Consent standards.


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